Refrain theme updates to once a week?


It seems to me that -with the introduction of plings- there are contributors that put up there work again and again without any real change in their work, just to be in the front of the list, and thus trying to earn more plings.

Every day you see the same themes over and over again, and this puts real updates or new themes way back down the list, even after a few hours.

So, as a suggestion, try to build in a upload-restriction for existing themes, so that they can only update once a week or so…?


I fully agree with you regarding the plings, but I do not think this is such an effective solution, that would bring more problems, since many of these updates can be simple fixes of some important/missing information, and posting a product with error for a week is definitely not a comfortable possibility . To resolve this issue, getting back the old posting feature “post without annouce” (I don’t remember the term) on the list, IMO, is the best solution. If you want to change some information, you can do it, but the product should not go to the top of the list for a certain period (maybe 1 day?).


The point is that people tend to behave differently if there is money involved. your ‘post without announce’ is a bit to voluntary. Next, I don’t think themes and such need that much critical updating…


We have updated the algorithm now, so that only adding a new file or adding a new changelog will trigger to be listed again as fresh updated.
We also are working on many fine-grained possibilities to mitigate abuse after the introduction of plings, so those will gradually be rolled out throughout the next weeks and months with the intention to make the system attractive to contibutors and still fair for all.
We know any system can be gambled, but we closely keep an eye on what is going on and try to become aware of those easy ways and change it.


As Paulxfce I post allot of -I hope-quality-themes. When I update I really have something that justifies getting posted. I refuse to upload it every other day just to get more plings. But it is annoying not to get noticed when there are so many new postings, so you wind up down the list even after a few hours. I hope the new algorithm slows down the rate of pace a bit. And, as such, reward the attention to true updates or new work. I appreciate the plings I receive, and I hope that you continue doing that. I’m just afraid that -at the rate it is going on now - the pling-system may become financially unbearable to keep.


We therefore have some ideas to favor quality over quantity, so we are confident we can make it sustainable long-term.