Random Numbers in File Name

After adding download URL, the file name renamed to BiTGApps-arm64-8-20240519082141.0.0-v3.3-CORE.zip instead of BiTGApps-arm64-8.0.0-v3.3-CORE.zip

Additional part in file name “-20240519082141”.

Can take a look @justinz @dschinn-de ??


@justinz @maggiedong @moderatordesk ???

This thing know only dchinn but I think first date year stamp there and after that probably time stamp

Can take a look at this @dschinn-de ?


Yes, that’s probably quite simply explained. You have already uploaded a file or URL with the same name. You have two options:

  • Either you delete the old file or URL with the same name first and then upload the updated version
  • or you can use the update function when you are in the file or URL management window.

Ah! I just forgot about it. Thanks for your kind support.

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