Problem Downloading


Hello guys, is anybody else having problems downloading themes and stuff, the download button is disabled for me i cant download anything ? any suggestions?


Thanks for your message. Due to a technical problem with our file server, unfortunately, the above mentioned problems occurred. We will fix it asap.


Thank you for your reply.


Any news on this? It’s been 3 days and the button is sadly still greyed out.


The download should work since friday. Please give me an example.


The button is grayed out as such:

It has been like this for several days. I’ve tried disabling all extensions and re-installing my browser. It’s like this with all themes for me.


In order to better narrow down the problem we need more information: in which country do you live, which OS and which browser do you use in which version?


It does work on Firefox Android, but there could be a problem from certain countries like Russia blocking certain IPs, like the one of the fileserver.