Pling store installation link not working

When I try to install the store, it says that the link does not work! Please correct! :roll_eyes:



UH OH! You’re lost.

The page you are looking for does not exist. How you got here is a mystery. But you can click the button below to go back to the homepage.

This has been an issue for months. (if not years?)

I have been putting off reporting this because registration for the chat is “disabled on this server” :rage:
But here we go again. Forcing yet another account on me to flood my password manager -.-

OpenID should be embraced more.

Yep, definitely broken. And the “ocs-url” utility they point you to doesn’t work under a current Fedora install. And no one can be bothered to tell you how to do a manual install for KDe themes or theming componennts (window decorations, application style, etc). Under Cinnamon Desktop I could just drop extracted directories under ~/.themes/ and they would actually show up.

As much as I have become thoroughly p*ssed off at the GNOME folks intentionally breaking theming in GTK, this lack of information and/or broken/missing tools doesn’t help my aggravation (I was moving to KDE because I got tired of GTK being constantly kneecapped by a bunch of MS Fanboys).