Pling Download Link Not Accss

As u can see. I can’t access the PLING file. Even I try to change dns server. I use dns google dns but the download not showing. I used a Mobile and a PC. I searched on Google for this problem I couldn’t find any solution. Please help me

Did you click Download?

Which browser you using…?

yes. but link is disable.

Thanks a lot. It’s fixed to change the browser. I used brave browser. now change to edge it downloaded.

Yes Brave for some reason blocks the download links, not something we control unfortunately.

We had a JavaScript function in the page called viewport to determine the size of the screen and adjust the popup accordingly. This function was blocked by Brave and the code was no longer executed to display the download button. We have adjusted the code and now it should work. If you still notice any errors, please let us know. Thanks to the community for the report.

Yes now working fine.

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