Plasma 6 extension appears with blank section in Plings page

So I just ported one of my plasmoids to Plasma 6 (Digital Clock BeClock style Plasma 6), and out of curiosity looked on the payout tab of Strangely, it is no listed in KDE Themes and Extensions. Instead, there is a product without section but with the same number of downloads of the product I added. As that is a blank section, it has no Section-Factor and the downloads have Potential Payout of $0.0

I am in the process of porting my Plasma5 extensions to Plasma6, so I would like to know if they are going to be accounted for payouts or if this is just an error of the page or on my side.

Thank you.

I have the same problem with global themes ported to plasma 6.

Hi thevladsoft,

Plasma 6 is now included.


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