Paypal [*Help*]


Attention ( @moderatordesk @dschinn-de @maggiedong @justinz )Team,

We, the team members of Revolutionary from Bangladesh, would like to bring to your attention an issue we have been facing regarding our payouts. Currently, our team consists of 10 dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to contribute to the platform. While we acknowledge and appreciate Pling’s compensation for our hard work, we encounter challenges due to the sole reliance on PayPal as the payout method.

As PayPal is not available in our country, we are compelled to use someone else’s PayPal account for receiving our payouts. Subsequently, the individual withdraws the funds to their bank account and sends us the equivalent amount in USDT to our Binance account. Unfortunately, recent fluctuations in currency exchange rates have resulted in us receiving only 30-40% of the total payout amount.

This situation is not new to us, and while we have managed to find temporary solutions in the past, we find ourselves in a recurring cycle of encountering the same issue. We have noticed the mention of “Bitcoin: Your Public Wallet Address Coming in the future” for the past few years, but this option has yet to materialize.

We kindly request your assistance in addressing this matter. We understand that this issue stems from our country’s limitations rather than any fault on Pling’s part. However, we urge you to consider adding alternative payment methods for users like us who are unable to utilize PayPal. By doing so, you would greatly alleviate the financial challenges we face.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and eagerly await your response.

Revolutionary Team