PayPal-API Error on Payout infromation Tab Jun 2024

Screenshot from 2024-07-09 21-45-50

I received an ‘API Error’ message in the June 2024 payment information tab. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone know how to troubleshoot it? I haven’t changed any settings in my account.

Let me know if you need any more adjustments!

Sorry for the inconvenience. The payment was canceled by PayPal with the message “Account ******** is restricted”. There is not much we can do from our side and therefore the process will be canceled in this case and no further attempt of payment will be started. There may be various reasons why the account was restricted - we do not receive any detailed information about this.

can I receive payment manually using another PayPal account

I’m sorry. No. We did that in the past, but things have changed in the meantime and we can no longer do that.