Payouts with API/Limitation errors

So i have an paypal account but it was limited for quite some time and like so, pling wasn’t able to send my payouts from back in 2021 till now. Can i have a manual transaction initiated or something so it is sent again? I already got the limitations resolved and seems like now i can receive payments freely. Thanks.

My pling account: pedrozzz -

@dschinn-de @siyuandong can i get a response here???

The colleague takes a look at it.

Hi pedrozzz,

Im sorry. We are not able to send you payouts. Paypal reject to do the transaction. This payment cannot be completed for legal reasons.


What are those legal reasons? So far my PayPal account seems fine. Can you specify please @maggiedong?

We have taken another close look at the error message. It was slightly different to the other users and this led us to try the payout again. The payment status is currently displayed as “Pending”. We cannot guarantee that it will work.

It did work. But will i receive for previous months also?

I’m sorry. But no.

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