Payout Query - Copyright

Admin Please Fix My issue without Any reasons Also No copyright things upload on product

I’ve moved this to it’s own post as it was not related to the topic it was posted under.

Hi ahmed5161,

ahmedhridoy371/ahmedhridoy371 · GitHub is empty.


GitHub should be empty because thats are porting roms like miui and others roms all are porting not from build

Now what should i do is this fixable or not ? Please Help me

ok. sorry. reverted.


Thank You Pling Team For Fixing My Issue

one more question i will receive those payments that are cancelled by Pling ?

Hi, we did not cancel your payment. We tried twice but no success.


sorry for bothering you will pling try one more time ? Its my humble request sorry that was my fault i didn’t confirm my PayPal email But After Confirmation its showing pling cancelled your payment :crying_cat_face:

sorry. it is out of my control.