Payout not recieved

I have not recieved my payout…can u please check and revert ! I have checked my paypal account there shouldnt be any error futher ! @justinz @dschinn-de

Yes, it can happen … but it is repeated and then it usually works.

@dschinn-de @justinz
Sir as my paypal account was not accepting payout .i have changed my paypal address…so its a humble request that u please make the payout now.!

Unfortunately, the payout is already through. It is not possible to change the address for the payout afterwards. As far as I know.

Sir but i have not recieved any !

Listen he said the automatic process of payout will start again so keep patience.
If you don’t receive second time,then dschinn sir will help you out.

@justinz @dschinn-de sir i have yet not recieved any payout…can u please check…

You have changed your PayPal address after the payout. That means we have still paid out to your old PayPal address. Can you look there?

No sir i have not recieved any payout…i can attach sceeenshots…also…not in the previous paypal address not even in the new one…i have been checking since a very long time.
My working paypal address
@dschinn-de @moderatordesk @justinz
Sir please do manual payment…

Hello, colleagues have already tried that. PayPal has canceled it with an error. We can not help you from our side.

sir from next month i will be recieving in my working paypal address ?

You are not blocked from our side.