Payout New Issue

Hi Pling team.

So… The payout was working fine for the past… years, and the June payout just didn’t append.
On the “Payout” page it mentions this, I quote: “Status: Refunded Time-Out”.
Can Pling team check this out, please.

Best regards

We have initiated the payment again. From our side, it looks good.

this months payout will delay like last month?

Payout will take as long as it needs to, there are a lot of checks and balances that need to take place, we appreciate your patience.

Could you consider starting all checks and balances at the beginning of the month to help ensure a timely payout? Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

They are started as soon as the month is over.

Any information about September payment?
@maggiedong @dschinn-de
Will it started today?

It will be processed when it’s processed. Every time anyone asks they have to stop verifying all the payout information in order to respond to the message.