Payout error and previous payouts

I lately knew about the monthly payout.
I didn’t share my simple work for money, but it will be great to get a reward for it.
The issue is that i got nothing for the last 10 months due to a PayPal error while PayPal says every thing is OK.
The lost money is about $30.
The questions are:

Hi moyash,

You might need to ask paypal to confirm your email address. unfortunately, Non-paid-out months will not be retroactively paid out.


Hi maggiedong,
unfortunately, my email was confirmed in 2020, it is a yahoo email.
but to be honest, i never used my paypal account to send or receive money.
anyway, i changed my paypal primary email to my gmail address, and confirmed it.
hope this works and start receiving my first dollar of my first million.
i appreciate your replying to my text.

i lost September payout too.
i made a completely new PayPal business account and confirmed my email.
and i updated my pling settings,
i just hope to receive the payout of October 2022.

Hi moyash, we are sorry. but your new account seems not working for us either. please contact paypal.


Good day for you my friend. I want to apologize for any disturb I may caused. I give you my word I will not complain again.
but, I just want to show where I stand now:

  • I made a new Email (
  • I made a new paypal business account and confirmed my Email
  • I made a paypalme link (PayPal.Me)
  • I made a new credit card (cost me $6 USD)
  • I linked my credit card to paypal and confirmed it (which required transferring money between my bank account and my paypal account and I got a phone message of this transaction)

Seriously, I have nothing else to do. I only want to clear that getting paid wasn’t my target when I started sharing my very modest works. I’m still new in this field and I have alot to learn.

So if I get paid, it’s OK. if I don’t, it is OK too. I will continue sharing and develop what I do.

and I agree to delete this topic if you see that.

All my respect and appreciation to you.

Hi moyash,

Thank you for your patience. I will watch on your new account next month.


The happy end.
It is the first money I earn online.
and, I’m very optimistic that 2023 will be a good year.
I hope a happy new year for all of us, and for you my friend.
and, I thank you honestly.