Payment issue

my account has been excluded from receiving plings. what is the exact reason for that

pls can some one look in to this problem. i mod those wallpapers on my own and it cant be a misuse

@siyuandong can you please assist this user with their payout query.

How about me XD?

You weren’t listed in the post, so I didn’t tag you.

just i created another topic few days ago and nobody replied, sorry for tag

Sorry I missed it.

Means payment or topic?

can you look in to the case because this admin was last seen in 2021

@starbuck as Siyuan is unavailable are you able to please assist these users with their payout enquiry?

no one is available to help with the payout enquiry?

Seems like yep

Did u get ur payment bro?

Hi botarsenal, Hi dim4ugan
Because of copyright infringements, you are excluded from receiving plings.


I understand, but when tagged me about licence I provided all required info, isn’t it enough?

for what products

no still excluded

i unpublished the copyrighted product. now can you now look in to my payout. if there are more i cant remove those on my side because they are published 3 years ago.

i unpublished all the products related to pexels and other websites. pls can you now look in to my payout enquiry

Hi botarsenal, I will forward your enquiry to the team. Thanks.