Package Distribution

Hello! I have developed some themes, for many things linux, however, none of my packages that I have uploaded install from inside kde anymore (through for example getting a new icon theme or sddm theme, etc). I would like to make my packages installable (from the kde store) in kubuntu just from the built in extras installer in kde. would also like to make them all plingable and able to be oss-installable. I did search online for info regarding this but I couldn’t find anything. Can anyone give me the information or link me to it? I have also noticed the tar.gz files i uploaded are also tarred again for some reason so they are now .tar.tar and then have to be decompressed twice. This may be one reason as to why some things don’t install from the store, but i’m ver interested in making the process of installing my customizations easy no matter the method.


I am not an expert in this topic. Other users might be able to give you more detailed information. But I’ll try for a start:
For Kbuntu with plasma desktop, maybe you can check here. I don’t know if you already know this: Creating a Plasma Style Quickstart | Developer

When uploading the files to our platform, the files are not packed again. There might be an error when filtering the file name. We can look into that.