Outdated version of Nextcloud?

Every time I log in, I’m given a prompt by Nextcloud that read the following:

This community release of Nextcloud is unsupported and instant notifications are unavailable.

Why haven’t we updated yet? Would it be too difficult to transition or are there actual problems with the newer releases?

That notification is due to the size of our user base. Nextcloud’s push notifications use their service even if you self-host. Many self-hosted large instances have requested that this feature be able to be self-hosted and we would happily do it as well if it was open-source.

As for updates to the version we strive to get it updated as often as possible however it is a little more than pushing a button for us due to the size of our userbase as well as integrations into OpenDesktop like the site header, and other systems.

aight, that seems reasonable. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll endeavour to try get us as up to date as possible next week so keep an eye out :slight_smile: