OCS API content edit unknown request

I’m trying to use the OCS API to update one of my widget.
I started looking at the OCS specification open-collaboration-services and I was able to:

  • check the login information:

    curl --request POST --url https://api.opendesktop.org/ocs/v1/person/check -d 'login=myuser&password=mypassword'
  • retrieve my info using username/password auth:

    curl --request GET --url https://myuser:mypassword@api.opendesktop.org/ocs/v1/person/self/
  • retrieve information about the widget I need to edit:

    curl --request GET --url https://api.opendesktop.org/ocs/v1/content/data/2128143/

But when I try to edit the widget I always get 999 unknown request:


curl --request POST --url https://myuser:mypassword@api.opendesktop.org/ocs/v1/content/edit/2128143/ -d 'version=1.0.2&name=plasmusic-toolbar&type=706'


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <message>unknown request</message>

I also tried to change the params in the body but nothing seems to change.

Any ideas?

Yes, I have. Not implemented. The API only has read access.

Ok, thank you!

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