Not Received My Payout

Hey there, I’m New to Pling and It’s been a month since I’m Posting my Works in Pling. As per End of month (September), I earned 5USD and I already mentioned my Paypal Email address in Settings but still I didn’t receive my payout to my paypal account. I don’t know why I still have not received it caz there is no detailed information about the transaction in the FAQ. I want to know certain things

  • When do Pling pay for a month? End of the month or next month or any other specific dates?
  • Only Mentioning Paypal Email address in Settings is enough? Because there is no other detailed info on progress or any transaction data.
  • If they didnt pay me for my works for September month, does that money just gone and i cannot get that forever?
    Someone Help me…

It may take many more days, there is no estimated date, sometimes it has been the 6th, sometimes the 27th, you must be patient since this is a donation and there is no guarantee

Oops… Ok Bro… Thanks for the reply

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