Not downloading any file

Downloading file not button appears but after click download nothing happened.

I’ve just tested this product and downloaded without issue Willow Dark -

Yes sir,now working fine

Was there an error message at the time?

No sir nothing happened,I was click download link button after that nothing error message

Hi justinz,

I received that there is a problem of download themes from System Settings:

Hey @l4k1 sadly this is an issue in KDE’s Attica Framework but it has been fixed, it’s just not released out to distros yet.

Commits are the following if anyone is interested:

Thank you for your reply, justinz!

Same here, download won’t start.

8:12 in Berlin

Any error or specific file?

It happens randomly.
Screenshot from 2022-08-03 12-56-42

13:05 in Berlin

Thanks, that at least tells us it’s a timeout while connecting. It gives us a direction to start our investigation :slight_smile:

Yes, I have this message when trying to dowload files.

After looking into this it appears a networking issue with our hosting provider. I have raised the issue with them, thank you for reporting!

The issue is back.

Screenshot from 2022-08-23 08-11-35

Sorry, it works now :slight_smile:

The issue is back this morning, dowloads don’t start. 8:13 in Berlin.

A few questions

  • Does your browser eventually timeout and give an error message?
  • Does this happen on other devices, can you download for instance on your phone or table?
  • Are you able to try a different network e.g. LTE/4G instead of your WiFi/Ethernet?

I have the same issue. Download file don’t work.

Now that work.