No payments (for a week now)


I’m not trying to be impatient but idk if there is something wrong with it but has anyone got paid yet cuz i haven’t
Its been a week since we got into the second month but i havent got any payments yet


I still do not get it, but I think OpenDesktop would have some problems in the system.:thinking: And will fix it soon.


I have not received anything either, it has happened before, we will have to wait


I really hope that the problems are purely technical, not financial


It takes time to look into all accounts and submissions to check if any of it is grossly invalid.
Expect payments to take up to 2 weeks into a month, so just be patient.
In any case we would warn if not being able to do any more payouts.

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Did any of you guys received the payment for october yet?


Nope , still not me . Lets just wait


I think maybe everyone will get on Monday. Because usually all will be given no later than the 6th day of the month. It’s just my thoughts. :thinking:


All good. Many thanks, Opendesktop!


Yeah received mine also !


recieved it ! its all good now