No Files in Download Tab

@eliverlara @clairelenotre @selimbosch - Let’s discuss this here as it’s not related to the Pling website being entirely unavailable. @dschinn-de @maggiedong can you please have a look at these user’s issues regarding files not being listed / available for download, e.g. is DOWN - #13 by eliverlara

The issue seems to affect all GTK 3/4 categorie.
And the site is very slow.

Some exemples:

Hi justinz,

one problem cause this should be too many files (including archived) to display in Files tab. I will fix this asap… and the main reason cause this should be file server was too busy to reach.

Thanks. Are we able to set up a queue system or accept uploads in parallel on the fileserver? Happy to help where needed.

The site is always chaotic, very slow.

What do you mean by chaotic?

No files to download!

19h18 in France

No files to download!

This issue still persists in some products:

The issue is back!

Same issue with big delay when uploading files also downloading

The site is chaotic since 10 days now!

Why are they no files to download?
Any explanations?

The team are working on correcting this issue as soon as possible.

Hi, Files Tab should be fixed now.


It seems to have issue to download files. It takes 1-2 minutes before the download comes.

Same trouble here.

It seems to have maintenace, be patient.

Which website was this seen on?