New user-How to rate and message and comment?

Hi! How you send a message? How you rate a product? How you even comment? I feel like an alien!
Do I have to do something special to unlock the features?

Hi blueheroq and welcome, please see a new topic I’ve made in regards to this New Users.

It is very responsible for you to do this good thing to the pling store. One tortured soul with only this one destructive thing to do all day is a sad condition no doubt. You needed to do this for clean reviews for users to consider, and integrity to store and users opinions of pling and themes, not to mention those poor themers who had an unfair condition undermining their hard work and art. Good for you pling leaders!! :smile: :ok_hand: :+1:

Thanks. We’re also looking at further measures to reduce spam that won’t affect regular users.

And how do you send a message?

You could try sending a private message to the user here in the forum (via***your_username***/messages) or open a thread.

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