My plings dissappeared, there is no data about the current month

Hi, yesterday I tried to check my plings for this month. But there was no current month data it just showed me data of previous month and no data for current month. The data was there 3 days ago and now there is nothing. Anybody knows what’s the problem?

Thanks in advance to the people who reply.

Looks like it’s back. Take a look.

My Kde Neon Desktop showing your icon theme with no icons showing up but instead, they appear as text.

These icons appear as text icons because these directories use icons that do not exist on your system. When you install the theme and apply it, the system will find the icons (on KDE). This is not a bug, it’s just folders with custom icons.

Installation instructions:

  • Download the zip file;
  • move the extracted root directory (in your case it is “evolvere-Icons-master”) to /home/[YOUR USER]/.local/share/icons (create the directory if it doesn’t exist). Or move to /usr/share/icons if you want the icons to be used in administrative applications and other users;
  • Open KDE system settings and select the new icon theme there.

This is not the place for troubleshooting, it’s ok if you haven’t used this platform before. If any issues arise, please submit here >> Issues · franksouza183/Evolvere-Icons · GitHub

In future please create a new post in the forums instead of attaching your comment to an unrelated issue.