Missing my August payment

Hi @opendesktop :wave:

I’m new here and last month was supposed to be my first payment but I haven’t recieved it yet in my Paypal
2021-09-12 14_43_07-Window
Does the delay like this normally happen?
I just wannted to know if I’m the only one missing the payment… :sweat:

I have setup everything in my account settings correctly, I hope that’s not the issue.

Thanks :innocent:


if at the end of August the paypal was missing or incorrect, then we cannot redo the payout retroactively.
If that was okay, just wait for the payout to happen, it can take 2-3 weeks or even longer for the previous month due to various checks.

Oh right, thanks for the info :innocent:

Sir I have not received my money for the month of August So I kindly request that it be given, Thank you please reply this