Missing categories

Hi! I’d like to upload a Konsole color scheme, but the category is not available in the product management page on pling.com. In fact, most categories that are displayed on store.kde.org are missing…

Konsole Color Schemes - pling.com - just use the search in the Categories menu on the left of pling.com :slight_smile:

Indeed, but how can I add a product from the main page? When I click on my user avatar and then “Add Product”, it still takes me to the default product management page where the category is missing from the list…

Hi fnix,

Thank you @l4k1 I was just about to show the flow.

Ugh, I’m a genius. :laughing:

Thank you!

@dschinn-de I think it might be useful to have the breadcrumb for the page structure viewable on each page so users can see where a product category sits and maybe an option to add a product directly from the category listing which pre-populates the category information?

Haha it’s all good, sometimes it’s good to find out these things so we can make improvements to the content upload experience.

Hi justinz,

Thank you that you respond quickly to the user problems. For respect.