Looking for a look alike theme - Alpha OS theme for WindowBlinds


I used this theme on Windows ME in the good old days and now I would like to use a theme that looks like this on Linux. (mostly use gnome - Ubuntu & Lubuntu)

Please see screenshot:
Alpha OS on my Windows 2000 VM:

Here is a link to the Alpha OS II theme, which I don’t like as much:

First of all you schould ask the author of the windowblinds skin if he accepts the port to gtk.
If you plan to use mate or cinnamon perhaps ive enough time to port something but be warned: importing 1:1 is impossible.
You might look at the themes from B00merang Project.

Also you might just contact adni18 himself if he can port it to windows 10 somehow. Seems easier than getting this look on linux. Maybe you find him on wincustomize.

Thanks I emailed the author.
And the B00merang themes are pretty close, but the one I want is a mix between Windows & OSX.
I really like the Light Blue/Silver combination and Icons.

I’m giving Longhorn-Aero theme & Longhorn Icon pack a try now.
One issue is finding a matching gnome shell theme… Couldn’t find any b00merang theme for gnome shell.

Do you have any suggestions for a similar Icon pack? The longhorn icon pack is just the normal windows icons…

The icons for gtk/qt are a set of png and or svg pictures. A theme can inherit icons from another theme. That means you could rename the icons and convert them to png format. Its technically doable, but you need the permission of the skin creator.

Well Cinnamon, mate (maybe xfce) are much more suitable for such a gtk theme than gnome-shell. Theming gnome shell to get a windowish look is not that easy.

B00merang themes are good ones he is a very skilled theme creator.

Got a reply from adni18, he said I had permission to port it to GTK… not really what I asked but OK.
How would I convert the icons to png & svg?

Is it a manual process? Seems like it’s quite a lot of icons…

Ok. Its necessary that you have the permission ti do so. It seems to be a free skin. They are very kind on wincustomize. Its always very important to ask first.

Today i try to convert them to a png format. Then maybe we can include them in the xp theme cause i doubt honestly they are enough icons to draw everything.
Thats for icons.

Then the window borders. I can make them.

And the rest is gtk theme itself. Have to search if i find the gtk2 porting script. Think i find it.then we would have a gtk2 theme. Gtk3 still not tough.

Your screenshot is not enough to redo the theme.I don`t have skinstudio at the moment.

I did now use all the things i could find on the web to something that is in png format. Linux can load these images.
The gtk2 folder contains images that could be merged into a win2-7 based theme , for example gtk2 version condos classic .
The icons you could replace the ones from an xp icon theme that works on your pc.

GTK3 could be done but only if gtk2 is done.

I can maybe do the GTK3 part tomorrow, maybe even with a shell theme

alpha release available: https://github.com/Elbullazul/AlphaOS