Looking for a connoisseur to create visual design themes


I want to learn how to create visual design themes for GTK 3, but I can’t master the instructions. So I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind helping create themes for GTK 3. Please help me with this


If you want to have a simple theme matching the color of your desktop use oomox

.Well you better first start to descrive what you exactly want. I mean , i can do well xp-/aeroish retro like themes but am a n00b when it comes to flat material design.

You are an beginner. I do advise you to start modding ambiant theme from mate.

A starting point os the gtk 3 css reference. First you need to look at the syntax of the css. If you know css from websites its easy, if not learn it. For gtk2 you have to google. Most themes where color shemes for an engine or a set of images for the pixmap engine. When creating themes i first create gtk2 if it isn’ t there alreadyand then gtk3.


Starting with modifying adwaita is not suitable for a beginner in my opinion. You need to learn by modifyong existing themes. Once you master it you can create your own base theme if you want to.
Remember that using a code base that is maintained save you much time for updating the theme if gtk3 changes.
It might break completly after some updates.Also a theme that underlying code is well tested works in more applications, even if you don’t use them.
However the main advantage of creating your own theme from scratch is more control. And you don’ t have to read trough code for applications you won’t or don’t like to use.


I would like to learn how to create your own themes just by replacing the existing graphic elements. But the program you mentioned is not suitable because it allows you to change only the range of colors. How do thousands of artists do this and I have no one to teach?


They know css or scss. Use an advandced editor like sublime text, though gedit/pluma is also not bad. You need to type the code in and learn with trial and error. A color picker and the terminal will be your friend. Good apps to test nearly all gtk elements at once are gtk3-widget-factory and awf-gtk3.

A hint to find out what element is used is the env GTK_DEBUG=Interactive option. There you can often exactly determine which part of the css themes gtk3.

What options you have is detailed here.

Lets say you want to theme an element lets name it button.

button {
color: #000 ; //means fg color is black
border-color: #000; //means border is black
background-color: #fff; // means background-color of button is white

Now if you hover it you write
button:hover instead of button.

It takes some time to learn i admit, however it works. A certain amount of the themes are just mostly color redefinitions.


It amazes me that throughout their existence, they have not come up with an easier way to create a visual design theme. I’m an painter, not a programmer, so it won’t be easy for me to figure it out. It would be nice if I was creating interface details in a graphics editor, and someone would just pack it into a theme. But where to find such a person?