Live TV Support (TVHeadend)


I’ve been working on customizing KDE Plasma Bigscreen for my media desires, and I initiated this by going into Konsole and typing “lsb_release -a” to get a better idea of what I was working with. It gave me the description of “Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic)”, so I proceeded with this in mind.
To get to the point, I’ve been attempting to install and configure TVHeadend using Ubuntu 18.04 guides. I’ve installed packages successfully, but when I’ve attempted to add the repository for bionic, I’ve received the error “Error: could not find a distribution template for neon/bionic”. I’m trying to work past this. Has anyone considered or successfully accomplished TV streaming on their system? I’ve done it before with OSMC. Any advice regarding how to stream live TV on KDE Plasma Bigsreen with an ATSC-T TV tuner USB adapter would be appreciated.


The image is based on KDE Neon Unstable Edition: