Latest release broken - weird split screen when launching wifi options


I just installed BigScreeen today on my Raspberry Pi4.
After loading it up, and entering my wifi password, I headed directly to the console in order to install some additional applications.

first I did a “sudo apt-get update” followed by “sudo apt-get upgrade”.
Then I installed Kodi and RetroArch (who apps that I would very much like to see included out-of-the-box).
I launched Kodi , installed a few add-ons, and then decided to restart the Pi.

After a successful restart Bigscreen won’t connect to the Wifi and MyCroft is just spinning “Getting ready…”.
Nothing happens - left it like this for 30mins.
Then I decide to open the Wifi options - this time the screen is split into two… having some options to the left and BigScreen sort of “running in the background” on the right side of the screen.
I try again - restart the pi - open the wifi settings.
Again - split screen, but this time right screen says “Network ?” showing a big orange question mark.
Left screen is still this weird thing where I can choose language and other options.

Any ideas?

It’s clear to me that Bigscreen is very much still Beta software and not ready to be used as an every day “smart tv” solution :frowning: