Kubuntu cursors not changing correctly

A few weeks ago, I installed the “Coffee Cup cursor theme”, used it a few days, and decided it wasn’t what I was looking for. So I went back in and changed back to the default theme. However, I was still looking at the coffee cup theme. Except when I would move the cursor over an app window, it would then change back to the default, until moving away from the app, back on the desktop it went back to the coffee cup.

I took a couple days to look over what was available found another theme I liked, installed it (everything I installed was by clicking the automatic install button on the website not manually), after it installed, I changed to it, again the coffee cup stayed, but this time when over a system program/folder/whatever, it was the new theme, but when moving over a program window it would go back to the coffee cup.

I’ve tried two other themes with the same result. The coffee cup theme is there sometimes, sometimes it’s the selected theme. What is causing this, and how do I fix it?