KDE store exclusions

Is there any way to block or exclude an author/user from my KDE Store main feed?
I like to excitedly visit the KDE Store daily to see what’s new.
But I always encounter pages and pages and pages of bad-quality spam from a single user.
Any way to filter this single user out?

Thank you!

Which KDE store are you talking about, https://store.kde.org or via the buttons in KDE Plasma that allow you to download addons directly?

Which user is flooding with spam?


I mean at KDE Store
it’s not spam as in ads or scammer posts,
it’s spam as in 80% of posts are from this user on most pages, most of the time. He has like 700 recolored themes that he auto-posts or something.
the user is l4k1

I am not asking to ban him, I just wanted to see if there is a way to exclude him from my feed. It’s really annoying having to change pages after 2 or 3 good posts because the other 8 are from that guy. Check about 15 pages and you will see the pattern, even some of the pages are completely full of his posts.

We take this as a suggestion to see if we can offer additional filter options.

ah yes, if there is no way currently, please consider the suggestion,
thank you! :+1: