June payout

I didnt received the payout for june month

dear admins ,please reply we are gonna get payout today or next weak? sorry to repprt but too late of this month @dschinn-de

It can take some more days. Be patience :pray:

@justinz @dschinn-de

Hii admins can you please do a clarify that will we recieve june month payments or not? If not then also ok,if yes then approx in which date we will receive payout. Please do not ignore our messages.its a humble request. I checked forum usually payment happen on 8-13th of every month.thats why this anxiety. Please tell us .

@moderatordesk @maggiedong

I do not handle payouts, please post on the forums and you will receive a response. If you are anxious about your payout it sounds like you are relying on the payout. I would advise not doing this as it is not guaranteed that you will receive it or when.

Okay admin. :sob:

Its very disappointing, already waited long!

i did’t received ether