Is there anyway to use Mycroft skills without a voice remote control?


Could I use an android app as microphone?


Someone is working on KDE Connect to use as remote android app.
Join telegram if you want to see progress, as nothing official has been released yet, but next beta img could see built-in support:


I not wish to use Telegram

I hope the next release will be pop up somehow in my feed reader :slight_smile:


Yes. I saw it, I am in telegram channel and I am already using KDE Connet with success.:wink:
But I can not use it as a mic, so I can not use mycroft skills. For example, I can not search musics on soundloud or videos in youtube even with my keyboard connected.
Thank you very much for your answer.


You can use any connected microphone to the rpi4:


We can expand KDEConnect to directly give voice command from phone and use phone’s microphone


Uol! Is this already available?
I didn’t find this functionality in the app?
Thank you very much.


I have joined the telegram group. I will get into this and see what I can do


Thank you very much!