Is there any outage in sites?

Both pling and opendesktop sites are loading super kind of time out response.

No issues here.

Sometimes facing not all time. Site loading and loading. Now working fast

Sir if possible then please raise these issue to site dev. Many time facing site loading issue. Product not opening sometimes. Simultaneously i tried Facebook Instagram and those site are opening very fast

I am the site administrator but I will tag @dschinn-de as he is the primary site developer. I have just loaded the site again now with no issues, it loads in a few seconds.

It could be a temporary network issue between your device(s) and the location in which the Pling site is hosted.

Ohhho ok sir …

You can also check OpenDesktop to see if the site is up.

Okk sir, actually it’s loading.sometime stucking not all the time.

Same this morning (7:43 in Berlin). Waiting a minute before downloads start.

Definitely a problem with downloads. No matter what I try (VPN, no VPN, clear DNS) it doesn’t matter. I end up with a time out.

Any particular download? I just downloaded Nordic darker KDE - immediately.

I just tried it and the download links to here:

Which then times out.
I flushed the DNS but still same problem. Switched browsers as well.
Then tried a VPN (french server and flushed DNS again). Still the same. :frowning:

Thanks. I’ll have our developer look into this!

Yup. Tried from an LA (US) based server on VPN… still won’t download.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. :+1:

Can you try

Sadly no luck. Same time out

Interesting as that’s the same URL I used and connected OK with.

where are you located at (roughly)? I can try a VPN server in that area to see what happens.

If I try this link from mobile it gives this… a friend in a different country got the same message as well.

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