Is there an archive of old splash screens?

I used a beautiful splash screen, both for logging in and while booting, for many years. Every time I set up a new Kubuntu install, I’d go to its system settings for splash screens, search for ‘chameleon,’ and find it. It’s a beautiful, purplish-blue background with a butterfly in front; here’s the booting up version:

<< lovely picture is supposed to go here…but after uploading 100% it kept spinning >>

I can no longer find it, anywhere, online and never saved a usable copy of it.

On my old computers the bootup version is stored in ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.Breeze-Chameleon-Light.desktop

Is there an archive somewhere that would have this particular set of splash screens? Even just the login screen version? It’s such a beautiful image, I can’t imagine why it disappeared.

ETA: Here’s its wallpaper version! KDE Plasma Abstract 345 HD And 4K - KDE Store

Hi linuxrunstheworld,

I am the author of splashscreen. I can’t find, but I can do a new one with that background. Today and tomorrow I have some obligations. Send me a message by mail:
On Monday I will do the new splashscreen for you and send to your mail.
Is that OK?


Awesome! Thank you. I’m particularly interested in the login screen version, because the bootup version is only visible for a split second (fast new computers, you know?!).

Why on earth did you ever remove these beautiful splash screens? Everyone should be able to access them! I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten over the years, both in real life and when posting screenshots of my desktops, because they’re so beautiful.

Thanks, I’ll fire off an e-mail shortly…