Is it possible to make a USB drive playlist work on both PC and Android?


I am trying to work on a project and want to minimize wasted time by avoiding task duplication. I am likely going to be using Stagsi to create video playlists that I can edit to allow me to tag specific parts of several videos in VLC and quickly search for small portions of those videos.

I have practiced and can make it work on PC so it will work on my desktops and laptop.

However, I also use my android phone and when training use this portably on an android tablet and now also picked up an android TV projector

I can’t figure out where any of my android devices are saving playlists, but it seems to stay on the device and not the USB drive.

If I create a few test playlists on the USB drive on my PC, they work on the PC/laptop, but can’t be read by the drive when inserted into an android device. They just lead to an error.

In the end form, the goal is to have multiple large USB drives with different instructional videos that also have the playlists with tags each referring back to videos on that drive. I want to be able to insert the drives into a win 10/11 computer or an android device and have it work.

Is this possible? Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as what steps/software I need?