Is it me, or can new users not actually do anything?

I just signed up, validated my email address, and was under the impression that signing up and logging in meant I could use the cloud services - but I can’t. Every service asks me to log in, but rejects my user name, email or password. Hitting the Nextcloud ‘reset me password’ button doesn’t send me an email.

So… what’s up? Am I missing something, or are new users not able to use?

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same here. i’ve had my account for a month and i couldn’t log in to the discussion boards until just now.


that sounds indeed weird, when testing it with a new account we couldn’t reproduce this yet.
It should work after confirming the first authentication email, most stuff like cloud or forums should work right after that or at least 1-24 hours later.

Greetings, khaos!

I hope that you were able to resolve any access problems you were having and that this belated response will be of use perhaps to someone with a similar problem.

I joined just a few hours ago and I have been able to access the forums and post this reply. I confirmed the first authentication e-mail message and was able to start creating my profile at once and to access the forums as soon as I tried, which was a few hours after my account confirmation.

I have not yet, however, tried accessing the cloud services, but will certainly let the community know if I have any problems.



[I have same issue]

I just signed up… had the same issue because I didn’t get notified anywhere that I needed to validate my email… opening up the email, then clicking on the link made everything work.

If you have the same issue make sure to do that!

There should have been a message at the top of the screen directly after registering. I just created a new account and got it.