Is GTK4.2 themeable at all? (Example Skeuos-Blue-dark)

Just installed Skeus-dark blue on Fedora-36 and opened opened gnome-calculator. It has a different color-scheme and headerbar buttons.

gome-calculator is a native app, not a flatpak.

Starting it with GTK_THEME=Skeuos-Blue-Dark gnome-calculator leads to an abort.

Since GTK4 is using libadwaita - is this breaking the future of theming?

You need to modify the original adwaita that it was shipped with from sources. Not so doable on fedora

Got my own theme and don’t want just to change colors. On other distros some apps can only be changed with “GTK_THEME”.(gsettings theme entries are ignored) Tentatively tried to use a “Default” gnome theme - to no avail. Looks like apps using libadwaita can’t be themed.

Using your theme the gnome-calculator only accepts a changed theme with “GTK_THEME=… gnome-calculator” (manjaro, fedora etc). The questions is, do we have to alter the libadwaita lib…

So do other theme developers have the same problems with their themes on GTK4.2 platforms?

To be honest all i can do is soon only upload my aero variant for the gnome 42 - gtk theme on gnome-look and include the sources. That might help other devellopers if they want to write a custom gtk theme.

  • Aero is not the simplest theme and you see what is edited.

Found something interesting, maybe you could ask There:

It uses a different technique.That should be working skme time at least theoretically.

After some time I realized I could “force” my theme using an entry in my .profile file. Still: for the gnome calculator I needed some workarounds… (can’t get by the style.css from libadwaita)