Info on source of app

I created a pyqt browser forked from another pyqt browser with MIT License.
I add in project some apps of others developers all in gpl licenses like originals.
Being the first time for me in such a thing, how do i must to show the src ?
I must add also third party applications in the src, or just my project.
I’m sorry for stupid question, but it’s the first time for me.
Francesco bat

Hi Francesco bat,

I think it 's enough to point to your repository (github, gitlab, opencode).
From pling blog: Sources and Licenses |

Further some product categories ask the contributor to point to an online source(-code) repository of that exact product uploaded.
The reason for that is not to just providing the source-code within the file archive itself, but to do so using a version control system like git or svn that allows for easy collaboration and of the transparent updates.

And you could mention other sources in the readme file.

I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you for info. :wink:
Francesco bat