I want to donate more!

For certain reasons my recurring donation to a section just ended automatically this month. I was about to submit a new donation when I noticed that:

  1. The donations to each section are now hard fixed to $1 per section?!
  2. The select box that is probably meant to have “monthly” and “yearly” as a choice, only holds “yearly”
    The latter is not a big deal if it’s only the $1 but I want to donate more to a specific section, what’s up with that? Also no point in making a select box where there’s no choice to begin with.

Is this intentional? I want to give more money back to my section, what’s wrong with that? I’m confused. Would appreciate a statement on whether there’s work being done or plans on expanding the donations submit form.

Thank you!

Hi marianarlt,

The support button from product page is a quick 1$ donation. you can choose a free amount from community funding page. Section Apps, Games and Add-ons

We switched to yearly base, since 12xpaypal fees for low amounts was too much ratio, so many people cancelled after 2 weeks. If you sponsor a low amount for a year, it really is the most transparent and best to calculate.

Thank you !