I want paypal alternative to take payments

I’m having trouble accepting payments on paypal. First of all, there is no PayPal support in my country. Second, I used to receive money in my country’s currency (BDT) through website payment by making payments to other people’s accounts. Because of this PayPal, I did not receive my payment for the last 4 months. The pling team made the payment correctly, but it was my own. I didn’t get it. I have lost many people in my team due to sudden payments. I am still paying many people from my own pocket, but how long will I do this? There are many others like me who are depressed because of payments.

I want an alternative payment method for me and those like me, who can’t take payment due to lack of PayPal. Or I will beg the pling team to help me to take payment on one of their PayPal. Or some of the payment methods common in my country (WMZ, BINANCE or BKASH) to accept payment.

I know it will be a little difficult for you to pay so I am requesting you who are in the pling team to let me take the payment if you have an account with FNF system.

Most of the people who use paypal in our country are open from outside the country. If someone accepts my pling payment in his account, I will find a paypal dollar buyer and send it to his mail through FNF, he will pay me in my country’s currency (BDT).

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or pling team not get any way than try with Send Money to Bangladesh - Transfer money online safely and securely | Xoom, a PayPal Service

so payout will direct deposit in bank account .

Currently only paypal supported.you can do one thing ask someones PayPal I’d, if they can transfer you through crypto or other thing. Otherwise we can’t help,there is no other option.

did not found soneone.
if you ir anyone from pling team have than it would be great for me.
please help me with give a paypal id to add for pling payouts.

I am sorry for your inconvenience. But to be honest, we won’t be able to help you at the moment. We are evaluating other payment providers but I don’t see that we can change anything in the very short term.

You can do it with PayPal. All you need to do is take the help of xoom paypal. By browsing this link Send Money to - Transfer money online safely and securely | Xoom, a PayPal Service you can transfer your money directly to our bank through PayPal. You need our bank details. In this case you will not need any other payment provider, you can do it through PayPal. Please do some research on PayPal’s xoom service.

im providing a youtube video link i know you guys dont understand bangla but see the process ,it will be helpfull. and also Research about this paypal xoom service,its paypal official service as far i researched.

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pleasw check DM!:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

I dont think it is very awesome to ignore these people. They help us have a good linux for their part. It seem obvious you dont want to be bother with a good paypal way for these poor guy. We all see this bad way of treatment for a guy who cant help it. :disappointed:

This person was replied to and advised that PayPal is currently our only method of payment. We are not ignoring anyone.

The money is changing in the United States effective 01 July 2023, there is a new system going into effect called Fed Now. All the transfers no longer run through the ACH system. Basically any electronic transfers route through the new “bank” this includeds Paypal, Chime, Cashapp and all the other app based wire transfers. You can google this and get more info for yourself but I am telling you this because it might help you with your issue because from what I gather it’s going to allow for international transfers to be less complicated. Just google the Fed Now and gather information and figure out how it might effect you. Good Luck.

have you tried to create a paypal account with any usa vpn?

its ask for ssn address,phn number etc verification .