I did not recieve my payout

Hey , Opendesktop members . i hope you guys are having a good day . I am facing an issue of payout for the month of april which was my first ever payout . It says “We tried to send the money via paypal api and got a temporary error, stay tuned” . After getting this error i thought i should wait for the automated system to retry the payout , Meanwhile i contacted paypal support and they said my account is verified and able to receive payments . I waited for another month but still did not receive the payout . my paypal email is correct in settings also . Can anyone help me with this ?

Hi creationsbyrd,


A valid PayPal address must be maintained in your settings at the time of the payout. The total payout amount for a completed month must be at least one dollar. Lesser amounts will not be paid out and can not be transferred to the next month. If you do not meet these requirements, we can not pay you out anything that month. Non-paid-out months will not be retroactively paid out in the future. We will check these requirements every month. Downloads are counted of all files during that month, be it active or inactive. If all requirements were met and we have no reasons to decide otherwise you will likely be receiving the payout amount to your PayPal account within the following month.