I cant see my payout

cant seei my payout.This error message here.# This account has been excluded from receiving plings, due to various misuses.

you did something Against the guidelines and policy ! thats why they excluded your payout! its can be permanent ,if it not be permanent than it will fix on next month (1st of next month )

as far i experienced !

how i upload photos to pling correctly?

use no non copyrighted imimage (yours) , add image source link than publish

you didnot add any source

1100+ products in 1 month

also your account is Pretty sus!

Can this be further explained?
Many thanks for your replies

Is there any solution to get my payout
and account back

Copyright or licence violations are the main problem with wallpapers. For example, if pixabay says “royalty-free images & royalty-free stock”, that doesn’t mean you can do anything with it. For example, there’s the copyright: Some user uploaded the image and (most likely) owns the copyright. If you now take the image and upload it to us from your own account without giving the correct credit to the author, then you are infringing on his or her copyright.

The other is licensing. Somewhere in the terms and conditions of wallpaper plattform it says that you are not allowed to upload the images to a platform that distributes images itself.

The name Pixabay is arbitrarily interchangeable with the names of other wallpaper platforms because they all work the same way.

You would need to update your products and credit the authors correctly. If this is not possible, you would have to delete the products or wallpapers. Then you would have to check that you have not infringed any licensing rights and then delete the images.

I can see your account is still available! The issued with your payout is excluded for this month!
If you dont fix the issue your account can be terminated!
More ever wait till officials answer! They voted would know which action triggered to excluded your payout and what will be further outcomes!

Payout start when sir?

I knew you would ask that :slight_smile: It still needs to be approved and then it can start. In the worst case it will take a couple of days. I cannot be more specific at the moment.

Thank you very much. I have done wrong. I will correct those mistakes. So should we upload image taken by ourselves?

Thank you very much. I have done wrong. I will correct those mistakes. So should we upload image
taken by ourselves?

lol :rofl: thats why im looking on discussion :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

This is always best from a legal perspective.