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I am unable of paying the donation to OpenDesktop



I was going to conclude the payment, but PayPal said I could not use my credit card, and I am unable of paying.

But my credit card is international and totally correct, so yesterday I purchased an app without problem, by middle of PayPal.


That is odd, we look into that, thanks for reporting.


Any news?

I am waiting for 2 days.


I tried to simulate your problem and tried it with my credit card and have no problems. Could you please contact PayPal directly?


Yes, I have reported the problem to them.

It seems to because of Brazilian real as main currency. I added US dollar and Euro as new currencies, but I was still unable of paying and PayPal still said it is impossible to use the balance in Brazilian real in my PayPal account to send the payment. I became US dollar as new main currency. I was going to pay again but PayPal did not accept. I changed currency conversion and PayPal still did not accept.




@opendesktop and @rvs75, any news? I need to pay for donating plings to the authors of icons themes and to receive the plings without errors before the month be complete.


It works now! I checked the e-mail and the payment was succeeded!


WTF am I not a supporter if I have already paid? I can not give a pling!

Here is the proof:


You are shown to be a supporter and seem to have given 1 pling just fine:

Just note that you cannot pling your own products.


Ah, when I clicked a pling, I was forwarded to the payment page, but I was unaware that it has already been plinged before. I see it works now. I had no idea what ā€œSā€ and ā€œCā€ were. Thank you! You can close this topic now since everything worked.