How to set up Payment Settings?

Hey Guys, I’m new here in the community and didn’t know that we got paid for the themes and products we uploaded, at that time I was doing it because I was fed up of bad theming for linux and was doing it just for fun, but I came to know about the payments recently when I was exploring the site. I’ve almost lost 3 months of payments because I didn’t know about it. Now that I know that we get paid, I don’t want to make mistakes by setting the settings in a wrong way, Can the team/users let me know How to set up the payment settings ? Is there any comprehensive doc on this ? Also if users could share what issues they have faced in the past because they messed up a certain settings in Paypal account or this account, that’d be amazing. I respect the work everyone is doing here, love you all. Please help me. Thanks.


Hi rkstrdee,

This link will help you. please look into “For Creators” part.


Ok, Thanks @maggiedong, I hope that this works and I keep working on new things here.