How to add categories to kdenlive

What is the process to get more categories for kdenlive created? There are only seven but none for projects or project archives.

I have uploaded several files that can be used for titles or slideshows but they are not kdenlive Title Templates from the perspective of the file format and the ability to be downloaded and installed through kdenlive’s online resources integration. Users may be confused by the fact that it shows up in their online resources window but they cannot use it after installing.

@dschinn-de can you please take a look at what’s required to add a new category for @berndmj

New categories that are actually usable within Kdenlive need to be added via KDE invent page as request and acknowledged/approved by the developers or maintainers. Otherwise their content will not show up or be of any use to the program.

Either contact the devs, or see here as starting point:

Thanks, @justinz and @starbuck. I will create a request there.

Good idea.


I’d say it is only partly valid. Of course categories are more powerful if they are integrated to the interface, but even if not people can download from the store website. Currently we have the problem that users upload content to categories that does not fit to the category and hence it does not work when getting downloaded through the Kdenlive interface. So I think additional categories can also help here to prevent current categories from getting flushed with “wrong” content.

I wonder if we can limit upload to categories to certain file types? That would help a lot with this situation too. So if not yet possible it would be a nice to have feature request.

For the new categories I trust on @berndmj suggestions. I think as a active content contributor to KDE Store aka. Pling he has a better overview and ideas than me since as a dev I am not using Pling very much.

Cheers from the Kdenlive team,

Thank you @jlskuz!

@starbuck, @justinz, please let me know how I can apply for a new category for kdenlive here. Ideally, we can call it “Project Files”.

Thank you very much,

I am sure you guys (@dschinn-de and @starbuck also) get a lot of emails and posts and (a)-mentions so I understand this may have gotten buried. Still, I would like to have at least one additional category for kdenlive (for example “Project Files”) in order to be able to upload .kdenlive files that do not fit any other category and do not comply with the other categories file type (for example, a title template has the file suffix .titletemplate).
I received a complaint and a bad rating for one of my title files which is not strictly a template but which I uploaded into the category Title Templates for lack of another category - and because it is a template as texts can be exchanged.
Thanks for your consideration and reply.

Is this topic dead? Or is there still hope for new categories for kdenlive?

Thank you very much @justinz, @dschinn-de and @starbuck and whoever got the new category implemented! Very much appreciated! @jlskuz

On behalf of the team, you’re welcome.

So I went ahead and changed the category of some of the uploads. They now show “kdenlive project file” but the category counter is still at 0 and when I click on it the uploads do not show up. Is there a delay between changing the category and KDE Store picking it up and showing it proper?

Yes, there is a small time difference. But by now the projects should be visible and the counter should be up to date. At least for me in the browser the correct numbers are displayed.

Yep, I can see the two uploads now but the counter is still at 0. But I can live with that :wink:
Most likely it will be ok by tomorrow (or even earlier).
Thanks again!