How do I submit a VLC extension to

Hi folks, how does one submit a VLC extension to
I thought that page would have instructions, but I don’t see any there (or in google).
Is there a readme for this, pls?


I tried joining the the forums at The VideoLAN Forums - Forum Home … but I looks like I’ve been banned as a spammer. Huh? The first and only time I tried to sign up was a few minutes ago. Is there an admin I could reach out to about this?

Many thx!

Welcome pakx.

You can upload VLC extensions on Pling and they will show in the VLC Addons store.

  1. Go to and login (top right of page) if you’re not already.
  2. Once logged in, click on your user profile (top right) and click Add Product.
  3. Follow the prompts

The category is App Addons > VLC > VLC Extensions.

Justinz, many thanks! I since found instructions from continued searching, and was about to post here: Getting started? - The VideoLAN Forums

Just now posted extension: VClipMangler VclipMangler - :smiley:

Lastly, is there a way I could register on the videolan forums? Looks like my IP has been well and truly banned.


Sorry, I forgot to reply about that one. We here at OpenDesktop only host the Addons site for them, we don’t have any control over the rest of their site. You’ll have to reach out to them in order to find out why the IP was banned.

By “them” I assume you mean Got it, will try them, thank you.

Yeah the VLC team.