Help with background image on thunar

Hi all i have been trying to add a background image to thunar and successful did it but i have a problem, the image also appears on the icon labels, this is the code im using{

.thunar .standard-view .view {

background-image: -gtk-scaled(url("assets/backimage.jpg"), url("assets/backimage@2.jpg"));
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: bottom right;
background-size: cover;    


and as you can see in this screenshot it replicates the image on the labels for every file and folder:

i don’t have much skills what i have been learning is trough investigating other creators themes, and use them for my personal themes modifications, can i get a help on clearing that code so that the image doesnt appear behind the text?

also try to add

thunar .standard-view .view label {
background-image: none;