Godspeed Mod not working?

Hey, I have android 13, I tried installing 3X3-GSMxROR. My tablet is rooted. After installation I restart my tablet in the magisk the module is active but it does not install the profile, so I did install that manually, when I opened the app it says Godspeed is not installed something, I also tried installing other versions as well same issue. I am not sure if there is any fix for this. Same for ZRAM it shows error while installing in Magisk module @revwhiteshadow

zram shows error because of magisk version. well i will fix zram in next update.

also Im working on find the bug on Godspeed.

also i have tg for discussion and im not able to get notified if you post here.
so feel free to pm me in tg username @revWhiteShaodw thanks.

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