Fun to think about


Sometimes I daydream about the “Year of the Linux Desktop”. It may happen one day but I think fragmentation has prevented it. So, I have a fantasy where group of computer manufacturers (Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc) decide to abandon Windows & Chrome OS. They collaborate to identify one Linux OS that they can get behind to market around the world. To do so, they set up a “winner-take-all” Linux distro competition. Their objectives are simple. Find a distro that is:

a. easy to install on a broad spectrum of desktops/laptops/tablets
b. comes with only one Desktop Environment
c. polished and visually attractive
d. intuitive upon startup and easy to navigate for inexperienced users
e. highly reliable.

The manufacturers will also be taking into consideration each distro’s existing user base, forums, and online documentation. Teams will be given one year to prepare.

With all that said, we know that every distro has a few drawbacks. And many of the lesser-known distros would struggle to meet the competition requirements. So, I’d like to see distro developers pool their resources and merge with other (somewhat) similar distros to foster more competition against the official flavors of Ubuntu. Here are some of my pairings for Ultimate Distro Team-Ups :

Deepin + Endless OS

elementary OS + Voyager Live

Fedora + Mageia (+ Qubes)

Gentoo + Funtoo

KDE Neon + Kali Linux

Linuxfx + Linux Lite

Linux Mint + Peppermint OS

Manjaro + Garuda Linux (+ Black Arch)

MX-Linux + Nitrux

OpenSUSE + GeckoLinux

PCLinuxOS + KaOS

Pop!_OS + Parrot

Slackware + Absolute Linux

Solus + Void

SparkyLinux + Q4OS

Zorin OS + Tails

From there my fantasy fades and I’m left wondering what would happen. I suspect the deep pockets of Ubuntu or Fedora would probably predetermine the results…but, boy, I sure would like to see what all the teams come up with.